Facial Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers: Part 08

Question: Which procedure would help me achieve a smaller nose?
Answer: A closed rhinoplasty approach can accomplish Shaving down the dorsal hump, refinement of the nasal tip, and narrowing the bridge line and making the entire nose smaller. All of the incisions are placed on the inside of the nose, and no external incisions are required. No painful packing is required either. Choose your rhinoplasty specialist wisely based upon extensive experience producing natural results.

Question: What can I do to remove the extra fold on my eyelid?
Answer: A skin only upper blepharoplasty can accomplish removal of the extra pleated skin on your upper eyelids. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure and takes less than an hour.

Question: Chin implant with cleft preservation?
Answer: It is possible to preserve your cleft on your chin, since the cleft is in the actual dermis, and the implant is placed much lower along the bone. Chin implants can be placed under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure which takes about 30 minutes.

Question: Can I get a rhinoplasty if I have hyper-mobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome? 
Answer: Yes indeed, you can certainly get a rhinoplasty with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and it should have no effect on the rhinoplasty procedure.

Question: Do I have a dorsal hump or saddle nose deformity?
Answer: You have weak upper lateral cartilages which are herniated downward and inward creating a slight saddle deformity and probably valve collapse on the inside of your nose. Internal Valve collapse and a deviated nasal septum must be confirmed by internal examination of your nose. You also have a dorsal hump as well which can be shaved down. Functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty are one the most difficult procedures to perform correctly in the entire field of cosmetic surgery, so choose your rhinoplasty specialist very wisely based on extensive experience producing natural cosmetic results in addition to improving the functionality of your nose.

Question: Age 68, good health, will the neck lift affect my perioral area at all?
Answer: A lower face and neck lift will address the muscle cords in your neck, tightening loose facial and neck skin, tightening loose facial and neck muscles, along with lifting the jowls, and removing any fat deposits in the neck. The Peri-oral area needs to be addressed with laser resurfacing or dermabrasion.

Question: Struggling with double chin regardless of weight. What can I do to fix it?
Answer: It is very important to understand that there are two compartments a fat in the neck, And they are located both above AND below the platysma muscle in the neck. Liposuction can only accomplish removal of the fat pockets above muscle. A surgical neck lift is going to be required to remove most of the fat in your neck which is below the muscle in addition to the liposuction of the deposits above the muscle. This also involves a platysma-plasty to significantly improve the jawline. Also consider placement of a small chin implant to augment your chin forward for better structural support for the soft tissues in the neck itself, since your mandible bone is recessive. Both a neck lift and a chin implant can bee performed together through the very same incision under brief general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. Choose your surgeon very wisely based on extensive experience addressing sub-platysmal fat deposits.

Question: Should I get rhinoplasty and chin implant at same time? 
Answer: Yes indeed, it’s always best to perform the procedures together under one anesthesia with one recovery period. Anticipate two weeks of visible bruising swelling after each procedure if you were to do them separately.

Question: Uneven nose 8 years after rhinoplasty. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
Answer: Much more information is needed, such as a full set of facial photographs from all angles to make a determination about how best to proceed. The nose is a three-dimensional structure, and rhinoplasty is performed in all three dimensions. Revision rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult operations to perform correctly in the entire field of cosmetic surgery. If there’s a hanging columella present, then a columella-plasty is performed. If the problem is alar retraction, then a composite graft is used from the ear to make the nostrils more even.

Question: Is there something wrong with the lower third of my face?
Answer: From the one limited photograph, it appears that there is recessive chin profile present. Consider placement of a chin implant to augment the chin forward for better facial balance and proportions. Chin implants are manufactured in a large array of thicknesses, sizes, and shapes. They can be placed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending upon the patient’s desires.

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